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Lifelong worker in the trenches of biological research science; avid cycling fan; everything else a distant second. tennis, anyone?

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May not look like much, but these R impos 2 find in Eugene: ShowersPass raingear 4 women.Portland yes'day

Setting up the Christmas tree in Pioneer Square. This is where the terrorist/bomb plot was supposed 2 happen last year.

Oregon architects seem to have a thing about trippy ceilings.

Christmas has come to Pioneer Place.

The Apple Store in downtown Portland. They seem to be doing OK.

Wandered around & accidentally found the Occupy Portland site. Heavy police presence. Check point & search 2 enter.

Carol: Here's main lobby space of Lillis. New Business School main bldg:classy bright interior 4 dark dreary winter

Lillis Hall cafe on a Friday morning. U of O campus. :-)

Dark winter mornings my kitchen cheers me up. Tiny, but works 4 me. Pardon the bike.

It wasn't very nice of me to take this picture, but I absolutely couldn't stop myself.

Here's my desktop!! Wish work area was as nice as the picture. Twitter unfollowed me wtf! Have refollowed.

They come in2 the store frozen, but R sold from a refridgerated aisle shelf. FOOD FOR LIFE brand. Pretty good.

stinky cat is in shipping container ready to go. Please send shipping address asap.

here's wider view. Picture of picture! Old instamatic. Old.

Are you familiar with the Black Angel statue & is it still in the cemetery? Oakland cemetery.

having supper, trying 2 figure out bike school AND tweet. Talk about multitasking. Oh, and feed the cats.

Julie and Rena

In the sink this morning. And don't think it's not real, either.

Brand is Hodgson Mills. It's brown rice tho. Thought texture felt right. Was surprised by that. Timing lucky?

Perfectly good bikepath completely deserted on a Sunday afternoon. BOO, Eugene. Hangover, I'm told.