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Motorola's custom Android App Store in China is being shut down:

Hooray for !

I've got your missing pieces


My Android stash isn't funny anymore…

We've come a long way

This one's for

This one's for

try this:

Grr… Wonder if the SIM card is holding it up.

Hey look! Retina Firefox nightlies!

"The first tablet from Google" - first? What do you call the 7" space, then?

Well there's the order confirmation. Still not sure if success or failure.

Wow, the Failwhale is back!

I would love a 'prepared for shipment' notice on my WiFi+4G iPad mini… :-(

This is what happens when you leave a Tekkit server running for 3 weeks…

The Windows PC stickers are starting to get ridiculous… :P /via

Installing a Qt app on Android is… 'interesting' :

Also, a cameo for Windows 8!

I almost look like a real app developer in the video