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Current status:

Steam migration to 3TB volume success!

Copy ALL the things!

Well it's doing *something* with the new drive…

Finding all sorts of ancient pictures of me from dusty floppy and ZIP drives…

Pulling random files off floppy disks; found this Quark doc from 1992:


For those who can't access the WIMM thread :

Ok, since refuses to post this to Twitter: "My power converters arrived! Finally able to boot my Apple //c:

An introduction to the Apple //c…

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

I just got the craziest Christmas present from :

Hooray, the device trade-up program says my Dev Alpha Pin is invalid. >_<

Picked up a DTL-H1101; might be a fun project! :-)

Did anybody ever try getting Windows CE explorer.exe running on Windows Phone, like the Zune hack?

More context:

Came across this in my screenshots folder; it's the Steve Jobs tribute built on our server :

My Google Play device list is like a graveyard

I mean, seriously, who thought this was a good idea?

I thought I was special…