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App tested on Dev Alpha C; success!

Booted Apple's Rhapsody in Bochs on jailbroken Microsoft Surface, because Windows 95 is too boring :

A little bit more space-ship-y…

Put my 'CPU' emulation into a game, because SceneKit makes it easy! (Eat your heart out !)

Current status:

Couldn't leave well enough alone, so a forest happened…

Ending tonight with this:

Current status: creating worlds

Ok, SceneKit is fascinating.

brb recreating Minecraft in SceneKit


An Xcode plugin that gives you an inline color picker when using UIColor/NSColor :


PS2 Hello World!

Current status: compiling and remote-running PlayStation 2 samplecode on TOOL

A PlayStation 2 TOOL casually debugging Spyro… (as you do!)

These lil' fellas just arrived on my doorstep; does that make me a real developer yet?

Another delivery! This time it's a GameCube :