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I wanna be a gay cowboy when I grow up.

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Choose wisely.

so the smallest thing on the page is what I need to accomplish. #uiSuckage

Breaking: Kim Jong Un and the navy leaving north korea to attack california!!!

DOMA, you in danger, gurl!

The "I support Edie" memes were getting to me today so I made this:

don't make eye contact

"The world is changed, I feel it in the water, I feel it in the earth."

and we get backups from the future…

23 Tys

it's like visiting the local dog pound. I just want to take them all home.


you had ONE JOB…

um, Decline.

i ❤ varnish. Only one failure on a page that was supposed to fail!! w00T!

Having just signed another lease, this is pretty typical of what you're getting in SFO these days for $3k/month

I thought they were out of their minds when they asked $250 more for my apt. Then I started pricing moving

@ how to deal with your friends on Facebook who watch fox news: