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Designer, thinker, speaker, creative director at Twitter. Previously at Google, Stopdesign, Wired, and Mentus.

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Ok, gents, seeing these two tweets right next to each other... TMI

Moscone West nearly ready for #wwdc from the outside. Large iCloud banner inside.

Moscone West nearly ready for #wwdc from the outside. Large iCloud banner inside.

Up all night with our dog who can't lay down. No idea what's wrong. Now at the vet.

Sitting less than 10 feet from a hero, , listening to him talk his mission & his passions. #FoodRevolution

Weather in SF right now, and view of SF. #doesnotsuck

I liked this review:

Absolutely. But beware of the weather we're in for this week. cc

Love the juxtaposition of your two tweets at the exact same time.

This is when it's really hard to live in San Francisco.

A Pantone Matching System for your coffee or tea.

Forgive me for the fascination with New Zealand restrooms, but this "waterless" urinal was quite impressive.

Why you must always be aware of your surroundings...

I love you, New Zealand. But this whole communal peeing trough thing is a bit strange.

The Bungy experience out in front of 's office building. Not bad for their lunchtime break activity, eh?

The Macarthy Building, otherwise known as the Crazy Zebra.

Apparently back in SF, rain and hail all this week. Meanwhile, Wellington, NZ is sunny and warm.

Arrived in Wellington to sunny, beautiful weather. And by the looks of the forecast, it should stay with us all week.

This first-issue HTML email newsletter from is refreshingly legible on a small screen.

Either Apple lawyers forgot to change the date, or we're being forced to re-accept terms that aren't really changing.

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