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High up on the "not the best idea" list was BBQ at 4am. CC:

Hey : How about I cancel my account instead. Making it harder to use your service is for .

Hey : how about I just clip my account all together. Making it harder to use your service is for made.

A pretty good reason everyone hates America and we are so fat: French fry holder to replace your cupholder -->

Brain food.

Dear lady-who-asked for-this-pic last night at : here it is -->

This was taken in some ethnic part of some third world country. I call it: MadagaSCARF. CC:

I call this piece "I'm on a half, the moment before I am on one" CC:

Representing and . I present:

I feel like the only guy to buy the diamond encrusted shoes at is . I hope he's a 9.5.

GOING DOWN tonight at #MagnumMonday inside #TheAftermath

You know has something successful in his hands by way of #Global14 when people are sending spam from it.

Things could be worse this am. CC: #777 #RoadToTheKey #100kMilesAndRunnin

There are many reasons why being a DJ RULES, but the most prominent would be the access to Rice Krispy Treats

On the Fernet-train with . CC:

When you take pictures of without his consent, I will do the same to you. CC:

She wasn't THAT ugly .