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Don't take me too seriously.

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I need specifics then. I'm so confuuuused.

Trolol. Look at my life. #BREAKINGTHELAW


"A banana in the ocean, a change in the weather.."

I've been watching these two.. Over weight.. Children at the pool for twenty minutes now. It's better than cable tv.

My dad just yelled "Pick up your balls!" at the tennis players. #literally

One order of unlimited tickets like these would be ideal. #pleaseandthankyou

Tell me I'm beautiful & call the amberlamps.


New phone screen.. I had to..

I can't even. I can't. Even. I have lost my ability to even. Is this real life?

I just realized what this was from.. It's stuck in my head already.

My dad wearing a thing for his kayak. I wanted to get a classy picture, but I got one of his diva hand.