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Managing Director @ Plank Design in Montréal

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Give me all of these

Airwalk Prototype 600°F #neverforget #fb

Love this "Halley Research Station - Antarctica"

Morning from NYC. Off to grab food and walk down to the Flatiron district for client meeting.

Sell Sell Buy Sell Buy Suy Bell …. "2nd most profitable Q in tech history" $AAPL

WTH — "poor 6 figure income families" (source possibly WSJ?)

Ha — fox news trillion $ coin #derp

November, 1974 Chicago Concert Forecast #rocktimemachine

My first boozey cowboy christmas many years ago #fb

Still one of my favourite photos from 2012 — blows my mind.

Facebook's vote isn't going "their new way" but do you think they even care #30% #coughBScough

I always read it — gah. feels crazy to write "at " #atat

Seriously? trying to not judge book by cover but … #comeonson

20th century heroes of science action figures

4sq joke of the morning #ford

Doing a Grateful Dead appreciation day

Seriously — Google needs to get their UI together — look a this god damn hot mess

I enjoy "super imposed album cover" locations

Surf's starting to look good around the cape (live cam / reload 'til a set rolls through)