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I love this sentence.

Hm, I just get this error on the other Mac.

Also, a Christmas miracle from Gmail! When did they finally add this pref? And why didn't you tell me?

iTunes search or weekend plans

Something something Apple something web services #allthebugs

Then, while trying to tweet that… #allthebugs

"Online" vs "Working"

Oh iCloud, you little minx.

I never turn down a Flo request.

Umm all-righty then

Hey look, you can clip a Bamboo stylus on the edge of a mini smart cover. Does make it skew a little. But maybe handy.


What's that on my lap?

Nobody found me in the elementary school yearbooks I recently posted. I'm on the right here. But wait there's more!

Maybe Europe wouldn't have all these economic problems if they stopped filling their coins with delicious chocolate.

A character fell out of my head a few weeks ago. Think she wants to be in a game or comic but I don't know her story.

OK final semi-serious attempt for now, I promise. I completely understand if you had to unfollow me.

Now it's just getting weird. Gonna be a long night.

Nope, that's not it either.

My Kristen Stewarts need improvement.