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I feel better than I look...

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wow I'm an idiot. Let me try adding the photo....

Just some OkieBros out in the big city. #preciousBroments

I look like a little putz

If u hang out with for long enough, you're gonna get a fabulous makeover- whether u want to or not

Wow looks like she's getting ready to go to a TAD/NIRVANA show circa 1989- or Spahn Ranch '69

looking like the casting call for the part of Abigail Breslin

One man's pile of electronic junk is another nerd's .... #expensivehabit

Kids food-face fun plates. The boy one looks like a Rancid fan from 1995.

After ballet class gets a chance to unwind with Dad at the donut shop. #preciouswildbird

should I get this for ?

Thank you thank you thank you for the socks. Love 'em

Hanging with my moth-like people, and Tommy Turuno. They seem to be having a fabulous time...

Happy new year from DROZD and the family

Happy new year from DROZD and the family

I have a weakness for clunky old JEN stompboxes.

Becky and I finally get a moment after today's insanity. #lovemyoldlady

Xmas gifts from and - thank you!! Breakfast will be fun...

Hey, -Becky says,"love the bracelets " Nice one!!

In about 7 hours, this little scene will be descended upon and joyful chaos shall reign. Gotta get a few hours' sleep

I bought a copy of KIND OF BLUE from 1960 to play on the Magnavox. Notice the last line in the liner notes. #foresight