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Married to the amazing @kristasz anything else you need, you can figure out from my tweets. Also, not a writer for the LA times. Learn to Internet.

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yeah I see that. It have me issues.

what are you talking about?

it’s been awhile.

It’s already gross outside. Not looking forward to later on in the day.

this is our IRL one, stormy. #stormageddon

And swype? I don’t know what to think anymore. #wwdc

Conversations with #realtalk #vape4lyfe #paleo

Dogs are cuter. Just sayin.

I’m officially chop liver. The puppy misses my wife, and doesn’t care I’m here. #stormageddon

Yeeeah. Let’s hope it’s just stormy. #tornadowarning

Porterville weather right now.


Guys. is far away.

Forgot I bought this. Would have been nice to have more seasons… #youngjustice #dccomics

Got my hoodie from in. Might be one of my favorite new hoodies.

How I feel today. #superbowl

Let’s hope this mess is cleared up before I need to use that highway…

I hoped as I got older, people would stop doing things for attention. Guess not.