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At the top of the mountain, we are all snow leopards. - Hunter S. Thompson

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Buster. Not a fan of the flash. But who is...?

"I know! And Newt Gingrich is their next frontrunner!"

I live in constant fear that this 1 will smother me in my sleep... She is seductive & beautiful but evil & heartless.

Happy Halloween from the least scary black cat of all time: Lily.

I'm naming my pumpkin Christopher Johnson.

Took this picture Saturday night. Bathroom ceiling of some random dc bar. They really love Dana Milbank in that town.

DC #wineriot

New favorite tie. It's so awesome I want to name it!

Safe to say that Ahmed Al Shebani is getting laid tonight. #Libya

Sunny, Lily and Shade #Occupythebed

How could we ever equate Romney with Gordon Gekko?

I love this picture of Axelrod. He's just like, "Hey Romney, I left you an upperdecker. Deal with it, punk."

"I don't care about what you pray or what you say. I'm interested in how you live and what you give." -

This is what happens when you're a Republican and you support the Dream Act.

Sunny: Handsome. Dramatic.

Everything you ever need to know about me is in this picture.

Oh Hai!

Shade reacts to the news that McCotter has dropped out of the race...

What the fuck are these things?!! They're terrifying!

Politico front page FTW