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Everything is becoming clear having been exposed to propaganda OVER 18s only as I swear now and then.

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bravest defending ever? Reading v Burnley


desperate times? >>

southland is great today.

park like a c

Something disturbing about Homer Simpson egg cups. A little too Hannibal Lecter?

My boy's Baryonyx arrived two days early. He is going to be so happy!! Brilliant!! thanks

Next page of same News Of The World. Phew! I don't feel so sad anymore.

News Of The World 16th Sept 2001. page 14 >>

some the guys from the band. Top players. Great day. off home. Happy.

just about to record "let the good times roll" Nice. I'm so not gonna be grumpy today.

killer band. All top players. Sound ridiculous.

": what do you actually do? Apart from moan on here." I'm rehearsing. Thanks.

Found this September 12 2001. Headline in The Sun. 10 years on and Cameron says the same thing on new disaster. Weird!

Sorry demo was 15 years ago. Oh dear! K Klass gave my first single a great review. "one of the best tunes of the year"

Found old cassette demo tapes from 1998. Gary Bushell of The Sun said I was 'a star'. What does he know?!

Propaganda watch: FOX news miss out Ron Paul again! Useless Rick Perry is centred despite single figure polling.

Splash guards: STOP! POO GOES THERE!"

Sky constantly filled with chemtrails. Really disturbing. Once you notice them you always notice them.

Made a Spitfire this morning and now this tonight. I love Christmas! Great workman 'ship'.

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