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Network engineer. If it is in the data center I deal with it. Arsenal and Mavericks supporter over at @steverossen.

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Quite impressive really, great experience there. Of course not everything will impress:

Odd. Earlier today it did not have that:

This IT recruiter is trying a new tactic, not sure how well this is going to work:

Every time I see people link to a Gartner magic quadrant I want to reply with this:

Nice group photo but no random dude jumping in to make it epic.

Well look what showed up on Facebook today

We just using internal now and and all I put is front end server is all I put.

Really wish I had more opportunities to use the space router Visio stencil.

Here is a unicorn and the magic of the cloud picture for you to go along with those +K's:

So this job just showed up in an email:

Hunting for bacon?

Here is what Amazon told me last night, greatness.

Bye bye Movember

I get this and can just click continue and it lets me download it.

A week of normal full table BGP updates and then the spike at the end this morning:

Saw this in DC a couple weeks ago on a stop light but forgot to post it

Trade you this for some of those:

Who want to come to Dallas these next 10 days? We have moved from heat warning to excessive heat warnings.

It's 9:04pm and 101°, can it be fall now?