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Gamecock & Briton alum. Mustang owner. Tigers fan. Marathoner X 8. Michigan by birth, Carolina girl by choice. @mattyzimmer's biggest fan. Tweets are mine.

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The definition of highway robbery. This is why I stock up at home. $7 for #Vernors #puremichigan

It's quite the wild & crazy night in this particular household.

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who is the greatest girlfriend of them all? (raises hand).

This might be the lamest specialized plate on Earth. At least drive a Porsche, dude.

My running prize. I've already addressed the envelope. #bartab

My first one of these in more than a month. I'm not gonna die. #5K

Wish you were here to share; little too chocolaty for me.

One of my birthday presents. I might never leave the couch. I still hate Tails. #sonic2

Did my best to support the Michigan economy before I left. To share or not to share is the question. #BetterMade #buyMichbeer #Vernors

I was delighted to find these in the closet. Nothing better than an Action Packed Mel Gray & Co. #lions

That didn't take long. #homesick :(

I have two master's degrees and can't put the Lone Ranger #Lego bank together w/o help. College is useless.

Every year when I come home, more of my super awesome stuff gets tossed or shoved in the attic. Grandkid takeover. Sigh.

This will always be the perfect way to end the day. Fetch with your best friend. #puremichigan

Some of the best medicine on Earth. My dad's spaghetti. Well, plate three. :)

If I have to spend two days in my personal hell & most hated place on Earth you can be sure I'm wearing body armor. #sparty

Two acre backyard and 10 acres of white pines. Yep, this wasn't a bad place to grow up.

I had to pull over for a milestone for my better half. 90K. Here's to another 210,000 at least. #mustang love.

I'm a Lucky Charms girl, but there's something to be said about a Grosse Pointe brunch. #stuffed

Presses the "c" on the keypad. Looks at me. "How do you spell shallot?" Moron.