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Writer, Assistant Scoutmaster & bon vivant. Part of the hive mind behind @NASAJPL, @MarsRovers & @MarsCuriosity. Opinions here my own.

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And now, your moment of space Zen, galaxy Messier 94's burning ring of star formation

Saturday is #starwarsday (#maythe4thbewithyou) chorus is performing. These are the nerds you're looking for!

Thx for kind words & votes. It's pretty great to pretend to be a robot on Mars. Even better to be recognized for it

We met once. It was awesome. CC: #mashSXSW

Meanwhile, at , here's our livechat view

The surprising adventures of big pie and tiny pie

Now that I am a commander of arts & letters in France, I command you to <3 my speech & to <3 me! --#RayBradbury 5/16/09

Well, that was whelming. #NROL25 launch seen from . (Tiny squiggly trail to the left of trees, from mountain)

Congrats, , on your win for Best Social Media Manager #NASATweeetup

It came from the future: Wireless everything via AppleTV. Thx !

btw, space is still awesome

Did you feel a disturbance in the force? You're all over the #SXSW #SpaceTweep screen

Have you seen me? I'm *so* lost. Happy Halloween, all!

It's nice to go traveling, but it's oh so nice to come home

Next stop: the moon! 's #GRAIL on the launchpad #NASATweetup

Oh, and this:

How's this? et al gussied up in lab coats for drill tests

oh, you know... The usual. Except maybe for this...

. Intrepid Briton & bringer of levity. Who else can bring this nonchalance to a midnight Walmart run?

Is that the glow of golden hour light, or the glow of work that's done? cc:

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