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Pretty rad models but do I trust a physician who uses Microsoft? #TheStruggle

Today's the most beautiful day; it's all SoCal up in here. So fortunate to be spending it outdoors.

Perfect Pool Tune #Summer2014 ( Plus her brother is adorable on #BB16 )

I laugh at those insisting summer is over bc they have children. Random school schedules do not end a season.

Sometimes you have to leave your comfort zone.

This is a very long story.

Oh hell yes and sangria is on the way? It's gonna be a good day. #IceCubeSangria #AGoodDay

Plus the flowers smell amazing. It's like a beautiful dream.

This is one of the prettiest parties we've ever attended.

So stoked the new location is one mile from our hotel. #RiotFest #Denver

Enjoying one of our French Diet Cokes (which really do taste different) on a gorgeous top-down day. #MiniCooper

Just scored Halloween "splatter zone" tickets to this bc I love my husband. #EvilDeadTheMusical

Will this game ever end? We've watched the 2014 #WorldCup series in different countries in countless pubs. Now we're down to this.

Bad advertisement placement or worst advertisement placement?

We accidentally found where The Wire was filmed. #Baltimore Also, it's crooked bc driving Spike. #TheWire

Who couldn't use a little caffeine for their feet?

Cutest store. The shark bottle opener needs to go home w/ us. #Newport

Watermelon gazpacho - where have you been all my life? #Newport #RI

Van Gogh's Sunflowers

Rooftop pool all to ourselves at happy hour? Yes, please. I'll take a watermelon martini & a floatie.