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Made my ginger beer pork again for lunch today. It's so easy and so damn good. http://www.raspberricupcakes.com/2011/08/ginger-beer-pulled-pork-on-brioche-buns.html

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Making some special surprise macarons for a birthday girl :)

  • 1153 days ago via site
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My best friend requested a Mint Slice cake for her bday, not as fun as the Tim Tam cake but still yum! (Hope she doesn't check my twitter haha)

  • 1205 days ago via site
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Had to share one of the photos from my next post, I can't wait til Tuesday when it comes out! SO BRIGHT, SO VIVID!

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This cake I am making right now is pure evil. Mmmm gooey chocolate ganache...

  • 1219 days ago via site
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Easter bunny had a few too many tonight. (Last bunny related photo I swear)

  • 1224 days ago via site
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For those of you wondering, the bunny drama is ongoing. All three bunnies are no longer speaking to each other.

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SQUEE! This may be the cutest thing I've ever baked. Here's a sneak peek. Can you guess what it is? blog post should be up tomorrow ;)

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The boy didn't want a cake 4 his bday, so I made him 's lasagne instead. Yep those are candles :D

  • 1240 days ago via site
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More blog graffiti - Mankinis, evil rabbits and COOOOOKIEEE

  • 1273 days ago via site
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BEHOLD. Hahahaha apparently my friends missed their calling...or not.

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I don't usually like demotivational posters, but this one makes me giggle

  • 1275 days ago via site
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I've already put your xmas pressie to good use! Christmas madeleines <3

  • 1341 days ago via site
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A big pile of Christmas presents...no wait, they're macarons :)

  • 1342 days ago via site
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I made marshmallows last night! And then I hugged my kitchenaid.

  • 1349 days ago via site
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Squeee!!! Lady Mix-a-Lot has arrived safe and sound! It's love at first sight :D

  • 1360 days ago via site
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Sneak peek at my next post. I'm the kind of crazy person who buys a mini birdcage on holiday to be used as a prop.

  • 1363 days ago via site
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My last breakfast in Malaysia - A big bowl of bak kut teh deliciousness from Klang, so effing good.

  • 1368 days ago via site
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Having all my favourite things on my birthday - roti boy! after a thai massage, curry mee, kuih and shopping

  • 1375 days ago via site
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Bro's Malaysian wedding is underway. Complete with an enormous buffet lunch + our very own ice kacang station!

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