idk stella?¿?


Namibia→France→Ethiopia→Namibia→New York→Wherever The World Takes Me(: xx

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:'( well fuck my life

: let's just blame this SEX GODS... :P” dead.


: jajajajajaja X,D!!!! Nicceeee sassy Cassie :P” that rhymed

this has to end.

Zayn laughing. -drops mic- #ifeelpiclimitcomingsoon


Fucking finished. So many emotions just from a single picture of a hand and wrist. Holy fuckery. I'm done.

i know i saw!! made me feel all happeh inside :')

Character limit. -.- #TheHelp

you two are precious

I mean, just ignore. don't go to extremes like telling them t die,etc because what does tht make u? #BeTheBetterPerson

aww chin up :) you've still got these boys