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人間 | 女の子 | 大学生|アニメと漫画と犬が大好き | フィギュアを集める人 | インドネシア中国人。 インドネシア語と英語でツイットします。時々日本語を使います。今は日本語と日本の文化を勉強しています。よろしくお願いします!フォローとかリムーブはご自由に。

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Regardless what people say about Inori's color being a mistake, she's still my favorite figure after all. :3

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I just saw Kahotan-san's live broadcast this afternoon. Is this the figma that you want? :D

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ねんどろいど雪ミク『Magical Snow Ver.』のパッケージは本当にすてき!でも、このパッケージはワンフェス版だけか…。6月に出荷予定のはどうなるのかなぁ…。

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Surprise from ! Len and Meiko are so adorable and they really changed my opinion about Nendoroid Petit. xD

  • 558 days ago via site
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So now they serve rootbeer like this.... I am not happy. :">

Dan.... Tabokan LK tamvan yang super pedes. :">

  • 724 days ago via site
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Gw tadi belum sampai lantai 3 sih. Tapi liat ini.... orz

  • 724 days ago via site
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Liat barang dagangan di toko gw, kok gw ingetnya yang lain ya.... orz cc:

Tampan level BD, hasil fangirling tadi. :">

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Tampang-tampang makhluk yang duduk paling depan tapi in reality cuma bengong. xD

  • 798 days ago via site
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I gave up on Summer Kuji but I won't give up on the upcoming Snow Miku! I really like her!!! >///<

  • 809 days ago via site
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This is what GSC said to Miina when he asked about Miku World is Mine. I got a bad feeling about this orz

  • 833 days ago via site
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Is this the game you once told me? Mandora, if I'm not wrong? I can't stop playing it now orz

Cats just don't give a f*** via

Kok akhir-akhir ini jadi lemot ya? >.< Terus setiap buka Wordpress sama DeviantArt jadi gini :(

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Cimoryが大好き! (ノ´∀`*)

The paint stain on Kuroyukihime had been solved with alcohol! Now she's clean! >.<

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Finally got my Kuroyukihime but she came with a paint stain (or is it chipped paint? orz).... How to fix this? ;A;

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Wulan.... Gomenne, Mucchi-mu ilang... Dicolong.... ;A;

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