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Hello, I'm Stephen, Liverpool FC fan, Graphic Designer, Boyfriend and Uncle.

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Got this. Not sure who to give it to..

There's only 10 left, send more please.

These are the best. Nutter Butters from NY.

He didn't have any eyeballs, so not sure if he saurus.

Snickers Pie. Or as i like to call it, Cholesterol Pie. I didn't finish it..

Saw this sexy green lady today..


Money in my pocket, cash in my hand, yo and skrilla in my wallet..

..think someone at work is trying to give someone a pissy hand by tempting them with 40p.. 60p might've got me.

This also came in the post. Dont pretend you dont want one.

These are the cashews that taste like sausage. Amazing.

New camera (taken on my phone) woman at comet trying to push add on sales..

Stef's paneng protector..

Look at this carroty imposter on my plate..

Look what i found!

They look like this..

ah our lovely alley hasnt changed.

Don't go into the fog.

Pretty cool stamp, dont you think

during dinner mints?