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T-2 days!

i pressed cmd-J and all I got was this. Didn't even asked to crash this time.

ey man, found a bug in h:disposable. market, select item, go back -> image is missing:

Oh god. Who's responsible for translating Growl changes to german. with MACHINE TRANSLATION? ridiculous.

How does Spotify manages to add the text to the remote controls? I totally missed that when making 3MobileTV!?

wohoo! i am trending!

what twitter (twittr) looked like, in the beginning.

Whoever wrote UIScrollView, it must have been fun! #statemadness

oh, that's a new one. #buggylion

Guess i'll take the enabled cancel then.

^^ no images for me? Also via Facebook?

copycats at work!

My cat has one big mission: enrich everything with HAIR. Everything. He is pretty creative on that!

PDF MADE ME DO IT!!! #clusterfuck

My iBooks scrobble bar... easier than I imagined! Just need to add centering. 160LOC!

Meanwhile, in Xcode 4.1

The profiles are all too good? Only 1% packet loss? Have they ever been to SF? Better:

OHAI, Network Link Conditioner! (and goodbye Speed Limit) /found via

Learning about Austrian English with Karen&Lee, Moira about Ireland and Tessa about South African, Love voices!

Interesting post from Tom Anderson, on when to sell (the MySpace guy)

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