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A veritable assortment of Twitter stars’ signatures with which I will commit numerous counts of check fraud:


OMG I almost had a heart attack

I love when this happens

Check out this chart of Digg vs Reddit (that huge drop is when v4 was released):

. watching 2 Girls 1 Cup

Here’s ’s Instagram of #meta

Updated Tweetbot, and I think it’s taunting me

Good call. #fail on mobile though

Texts from Mom:

Oh ye of little faith

Check out the body-to-small-print ratio of this email from the Romney camp:

One of the signers of the Declaration of Independence was named Button Gwinnett:

This is the rough draft of the Declaration of Independence that Jefferson wrote and presented to Franklin and Adams:

Wow. Anderson looks a lot different.


DWS emails, “I like sending you emails on Saturdays about as much as you probably like receiving them.”

Interview in NYC

Some of you would like my dad.