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Whats so interesting about trees and water?

If you've ever wondered what a Nessiery is, I can reveal all

The scots have special places set aside for dropping sheep. That's just barbaric.

I like trees

I just put my finger in Loch Ness.

Well, Holland was very much like Milton Keynes. Linear and flat with one massive fake windmill.

Call up the Nobel guys I've found a complex thermodynamic solution to volcanic devastation

Ah, the hotel's rep is saved by its exquisite pool - take a gander. It's in Seville, by the way. I was quite excited before I arrived

I think this may just be the most disguting meal ever delivered to a desperate bloke in a miserable hotel room.

I can see volcanoes

I'd recommend it but have no idea what our lunch was. Mandarin anyone?

This man is THE god of ice cream Robin Weir. We made Charles II's recipe. Ye gods but it was good.


Will the cameraman battles the rotten glowing pig

Will cameraman trying to avoid being sick whilst filming my bodily fluids

I have no idea what this does but I'm strangely tempted to open the bottle

I have no idea what this does

Condensing liquid oxygen using liquid nitrogen in andrea's lab. Love the teepol insulating can.

Hawaii in my kitchen

The icebowl cometh. Sneaky peak behind scenes shooting the extraordinary cookbook

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