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BBC F1: My view of the F1 Forum this afternoon. Visual portion of the stream breaks once quality hits HDS 640x360.

Dear customers, we hope you love reading text in a JPEG as much as we do. Love, Amazon.

I drew a Tintin in his birthday card. Really enjoyed doing it. Happy birthday dude!

Very funny BBC, now what’s the real lead story today?

Still alive. It’s outlived several newer machines.

Those 50s characters I was scribbling up last week, now completed and in context.

It’s unusual to see Sir Jimmy Savile upstaged.

In the process of bigging up #MOMBcast #sneakpeek

‘Make it look like an ITV game show,’ I thought. My work, today.

I just changed an email preference on the John Lewis website. I call bullshit on this.

A surreal moment from Tuesday’s Newsnight.

From BBC’s “Delivering Quality First”: outsourcing indirect spend while reducing demand for outsourcing.

Just noticed Amazon running their own tribute, linking to the Apple site.

Spotted .

Shocked to find my car parked next to Mr. Hoppy this morning. Ivan Dobsky nowhere to be seen.

Ha. Didn’t see that coming.

Soon there will be a up on that stage. Pretty stoked.

Holy shit M&M’s World has it all!

Look carefully and you can see why Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 for iOS was 69p. #whyishisheadsobig