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Tonight's ride pic: A reservoir brimming with life on the east side of the Berkeley Hills viewed from Pinehurst Rd. This is an awesome road to climb and descend.

  • 1993 days ago via site
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Today's ride pic: Full disclosure on a vista lookout of San Pablo Reservoir I've shown before. It's next to a busy road, but with a good shoulder and it's a popular garbage dump.

  • 2004 days ago via site
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Tonight's ride pic: What a great night on the bike with Spring in the air. Sometimes a vista catches you of guard and stops you in your tracks like tonight's Marin county sunset.

  • 2008 days ago via site
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Tonight's ride pic: it's still Newt mating season so steep South Park Rd is closed to cars as it has been all winter. (see related: That's local cyclist Jeff biting into the 8% slope.

  • 2010 days ago via site
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Today's walk: Golf Course Rd in Tilden Park east of the ridge and a storm-cleared view of Mt Tam on the return

  • 2015 days ago via site
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Tonight's ride pic: sliding off Wildcat Canyon Rd.

  • 2018 days ago via site
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Tonight's ride pic: At this time of the year, Alhambra Rd is lined with green... you herd it first.

  • 2020 days ago via site
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Tonight's ride pic: I need to get out earlier if I want to properly capture anything other than a sunset. Bottom: Lots of blossoms around every corner on Wildcat Rd.

  • 2023 days ago via site
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Today's ride pic: The other half of my regular loop thru the hills is secluded unlike the Grizzly Peak SF Bay panoramic. Not many Berkeley cyclists know about this back road.

  • 2025 days ago via site
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Tonight's ride pic: Exactly one yr ago today the #atoc passed over the Golden Gate Bridge in the cold, rain. Clearly, it was much nicer today (looking across from Grizzly Peak Bl).

  • 2026 days ago via site
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Today's ride pic: President's Day ride starting from UCB going up Old Tunnel to Grizzly Peak; Bottom: returning 2.5 hrs later looking over old Tunnel and SF

  • 2027 days ago via site
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Tonight's ride pic: It looked like the ridge was on fire while climbing Lomas Cantadas... no, just a Golden [Gate Bridge] sunset unfolding

  • 2032 days ago via site
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Tonight's ride pic: The Golden Gate Bridge lived up to it's name tonight and the flying saucer-like cloud over San Francisco

  • 2033 days ago via site
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Today's Ride Pic: A clean sunset over Mt Tam viewed from Nimitz Way (Inspiration Point) in the Berkeley Hills

  • 2036 days ago via site
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Today's #tdu stage 6 double victory salute was almost a repeat of the Cancer Classic last weekend

  • 2050 days ago via site
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A redwoods panoramic on dank Pinehurst Rd on the leeward side of the Berkeley Hills

  • 2057 days ago via site
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Green before my ride went dark. Top photo: From today, an El Sobrante hill on the shores of the San Pablo Dam. Bottom photo: a panoramic of the same watershed from two months ago.

  • 2059 days ago via site
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This is the hardest switchback on the 5k Pinehurst climb; a favorite among cyclists in Oakland and Berkeley

  • 2062 days ago via site
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A little pollution can create a funky sunset. Top photo: west view from a Grizzly Peak Bl looking out at the Golden Gate Bridge and Marin. Bottom photo: looking east at Contra Costa from Lomas Cantadas Rd

  • 2064 days ago via site
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Just minutes later, the foggy view from Lomas Cantadas on the other side of the ridge of Contra Costa and Mt Diablo

  • 2066 days ago via site
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