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#NORWAY Close Mink and Fox Fur Farms in Norway! For more than 10 years, the government coalition has been shown shocking photos of sick and injured animals and the conditions these animals are forced to live under- breaking Norwegian law, ignoring complaints and providing no promised improvement.

Please, sign and share: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/841/630/012/close-mink-and-fox-fur-farms-in-norway/


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#NOFUR FOR FASHION!! ABSOLUTELY GUT-WRENCHING: This fox struggles as he's forced onto a platform & electrocuted to DEATH for his fur. SHARE to show everyone why wearing fur is WRONG!

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Welcome to #Romania - member of the #EU and abusers of animals!! Imagine coming home from an exhausting day looking after over 100 dogs. Sitting down to take your shoes off, only to hear constant high pitched crying, another dog in desperate pain. Ioana was in shock at the new levels of low that her neighbours have stooped to, when she saw this small dog on her balcony. A vile neighbour had climbed high onto the balcony of Ioana's apartment, tied up a little dog, tight round the neck, so it could not move, leaving a message: "get her or I will break her neck".

Welcome to life in Bucharest. The poor little girl is small, the size of a cat, and petrified. She is lying inside the apartment, absolutely paralysed with fear. She trembles if Ioana goes near her. She must be so hungry, but she is too scared to eat. Just lying there dazed. When she is picked up she wees in fear, clearly terrorised. Imagine the trauma this poor baby has been through? How can these sick people call themselves humans?

If there is one dog that deserves to be out of Romania it is this little girl. Thank you Ioana for saving another precious life.


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Department Of Agriculture, Republic Of #Ireland : Ban the cruelty of animals at Puck Fair!!
Please stop the use of the Wild Mountain Goat from being suspended in a cage from the top of a crane at Puck Fair causing undue distress and stop the cruelty and abuse that is associated with the Horse and Cattle Fair at same event. Show the world that Ireland can be part of the modern world when it comes to enforcing Animal Right laws and impose maximum penalties on people who are committing such hideous acts of cruelty. Lets show the organizers of this event and government officials that this cruelty must not be tolerated.


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#Chile Una madre que era explotada para tracción, parió en plena calle de la Región Metropolitana en Chile, dando a luz en el pavimento caliente de una calle transitada. Como esta yegua, son muchos otros los animales utilizados para transporte de objetos y personas, causando serio sufrimiento físico y psicológico a los animales.

Desde Animal Libre llamamos a no colaborar con estas prácticas y elegir vehículos de tracción no animal. ¡Comparte esta imagen y tu repudio!

Síguenos en https://www.facebook.com/ animallibre

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An organisation representing Procter & Gamble, Hindustan Unilever, NIVEA, Johnson & Johnson, Chanel, Avon and L'Oréal is actively challenging the existing ban on animal testing for cosmetics in India.
KEEP THE BAN. Please SIGN and SHARE: http://petauk.org/indiacosmetics


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Such sadistic barbarism!! And just how hard IS your life? Really! We have the capacity to change it! For others, they have no choice but to endure...No choice...Be THEIR voice!




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#Croatia OUT of #EU !! Any help is welcome!! The pressure from other European countries on the Government is one of the crucial actions to help stopping the Government lies about animal welfare in Croatia!!


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#Animalwelfare Is it callous aliens who rule European Union? We do not understand how the #EU can look at these atrocities and not vigorously working to mitigate the escalating cruelties - we really wonder what kind of people, who represent the citizens in the EU and Parliament?
Lacking these people total compassion for living beings and exist solely in their positions for the negotiation of money?

ESDAW - http://www.esdaw.eu/governments.html

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PRESS RELEASE - POISONING in #Europe - From 1 August 2014, the #EU banned to private (without authorization) - purchase, possess or use rat poison (and similar) across the EU - there must be an authorized (company) with license to use this substance. Toxins like Furadan is classified as a public health threat and is for several years strictly prohibited throughout the EU.

The EU does not seem to know, were they real toxic dangers lurks, for humans and animals.

In countries with stray dogs and cats, used daily banned poisons. Citizens spreading out large amounts of toxins throughout the year - in parks, around apartment buildings, around playgrounds and other places to poison and kill the stray animals.

These toxins are lethal to both humans and animals. Several reports from EU Member states are, where children eaten laid out toxins targeted to dogs and cats, and have been seriously injured or even killed.

What we know, no Member states have report this to the EU - or inform that these hazards exist every day in almost all EU member countries with stray animals.

ESDAW - http://www.esdaw.eu/press-release---poisoning.html

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That's #Romania !! Lost in insanity!! This puppy died today in the vet office, waiting in vain on the vet's table for treatment...the vet said he is not sure if his work contract involves him making treatments to the dogs, and if a dog get sick he must ask a special commission, that will ask the local council if they will approve treatment for the dog...so if we find dogs bited to death, tered apart by other dogs, dogs with parvovirosis, distemper ore mothers that die with puppies inside we need to waith for him to make a paper to a special comision and that commission to ask the local council if they agree to pay for the dog's treatment...how i this for insanity? In all that time our vets from Triovet that are ready to help anny dog are forbidden to do any medical work in the Ps and are not allowed to touch the dogs! Hoe many other dogs will die like this??

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IN #ROMANIA LA STRAGE CONTINUA... La catastrofe animale in Romania è in pieno svolgimento. Dopo anni di totale incuria e abbandono rispetto alla popolazione di cani randagi, ora viene applicata una legge che ordina l’uccisione di decine di miglia di cani.




https://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/the-romanian-government-and-the-european-parliament-end-romanias-government-abuse-of public-funds

















https://www.change.org/p/eu-commission-stop-ignoring-romaniadogkillers-romania-kills-dogs-with-torture https://www.facebook.com/ORSDG


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This is FUCKING #Romania tolerated from #EU !! Today we had a rainy and cold day, all the dogs were wet and shaking, some of them are really desperate to get out...


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This is the daily HORROR in #Romania !! Capturated today, We know nobody enjoys these videos but people must see them, because this is the only way people will save them - the world must see what's going on with these innocent souls. They are still placing defensless sedated dogs together with the other dogs.


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ATTENTION!! Press release - #Romania !! Help the dogs by TWEET BOOST this article!

Romania's second #Gulags "the Romanian Euthanasia Program" - now issued on man's best friend - the dog.

On 25 September 2013 the Romanian Parliament voted for an extermination campaign on Romania approximately 2 million abandoned and homeless dogs. Since that date it has been free for anyone to be employed by ASPA as a dog catcher and earn money to catch dogs, both abandoned and dogs that someone takes care of - no dogs are safe because the government pays well for every dog that gets caught and transported to the municipal enclosures where they are kept for 14 days and will then be euthanized if they remain unadopted or not claimed.

Update: If you want proof that Bancescu and ASPA are not only POS liars please read this and share it! As you may be aware Bancescu has told the world that when dogs are caught, if they are not adopted or reclaimed within 14 days they are slaughtered. Less than 48hrs ago 2 dogs were caught by ASPA and taken to Brigadiru death camp. Their owner is currently at the death camp and has discovered that one of them is already dead !!


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Boycott #Spain !! Abhorrent cruelty!! Hunting season has started in some areas of Spain and will be starting soon everywhere. If a galgo proves not to be a worthy hunter at the beginning it will be disposed of. Why continue to feed it and give it shelter.


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#Roumanie Cette image vous dérange ? Alors battez vous avec nous ...POUR EUX
Car ils souffrent le martyre alors gooooo Famille d'accueil , Adoption , dons , aides diverses , nous avons besoin de vous !!!


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#Romania, the Land of Death! Take a look at these TERRIFIED six dogs. These are the last group we asked for out of Bragadiru. The white one was supposed to come out with an earlier group, and was missed, but I found her. Two other dogs we had reserved previously, never turned up, and I was NOT allowed to go look for them. Now a beautiful chocolate puppy we asked for with this group, is also missing. Over the weekend, this evil place cleaned house. Three whole buildings are empty! Despite the suspension of the kill law, the killing continues, and now accusations are made about a person who helps us to pull, being paid for dogs. This is utter nonsense, but I understand why they think this way. It is because THEY make money from these dogs, from their killing. And every dog adopted, means one they are NOT paid to kill! These dogs are all terrified, I do not even want to think what they had to see, hear and smell this past weekend. These are a lucky few, and the brindle especially, as this is likely one that was mistaken for our missing chocolate puppy. This insane and cruel killing spree is going on in shelters all over Romania, in defiance of the LAW, and it has got to stop!


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See the next mass killer from #Romania !! A video appeared on the internet where young boys set a dog on fire. Screaming in pain and fear, the dog finally managed to run away, set ablaze.

The local animal welfare association which started managed to alert the police to investigate. At first sight, it what not clear, if the case really happend in Greece as all perpetrators were talking in a unknown language - or in other words: not greek.

In the meantime 3 underaged Romanies, age 11, 14 and 16 were identified and imprisoned.

Blessedly the dog of what found thanks to animal welfare workers which have been escorted by the local police to look for the dog in the Romanies quarter. He has large-sized flash burns and high fever and is fighting for his life. But now, he is in vet care and under surveillance.

Info: https://www.facebook.com/archenoahschweiz/photos/a.692653617445498.1073741825.409572685753594/841798505864341/?type=1&theater

Update about the dog Phoenix https://www.facebook.com/archenoahschweiz

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