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Formerly Underground+Illegal Restaurant/Kitchen.. gone legit?!?!? ^_^

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Noodle eatin' time @ Mien Nghia Noodle Express (man this place is CHEAP) #fb

"Gobble gobble" turkey din-dins is frickun' served! Hope everyone's having fun! #fb

Since we had so many potatoes, we made fries 2 ^^. Hope everyone's eatin up! #fb

We hv pancetta gravy&butter, green chili cornbread, etc.. but the best part FRIED CHIX! #fb

A lil pho & ginger scallion crab before.. Thanksgiving prep!! #fb

Gr8 thing abt owning a restaurant.. We can take equipment home 4 Thxgiving dinner! #fb

FINALLY, our friend, "world-famous" Chef stopped by too! Nice ^^ #fb

Whoa! We just got an "Official Certificate of Congratulations" from Mayor ! Frickin' SWEET!! #fb

Our dinner 4 tmrw nite made by the KN's momma: Zongzi Sticky Rice Dumplings! #fb

Ahhh.. Dessert @ Vertical Wine Bistro: Molten Chocolate Cake.. Uh huh huuuh #fb

Stop the presses America.. Its Banh Xeo (Viet savory crepe) TIME mutha F'ers! #fb

Oops, almost forgot 1 of the most elaborate dim sum dishes: shark fin dumplings & short-ribs in black bean sauce #fb

And lastly from our dim sim meal almost 4 hrs ago: Shanghai Dumpling Soup #fb

FYI-Shumai @ Elite r HUGE 'cuz there's not just ground pork, but short-rib pcs too! #fb

I'm Asian.. w/ a group of Asians.. At Dim Sum: so naturally we got our Chicken Feet fix! #fb

Durian Puff Pasty anyone? (Ya know its an obligatory order for us, right? ^^) #fb

The At&t network was down so this is LATE.. But MORE dim sum-liciousness #fb

Crispy Shrimp Rice Noodle w/ the KN's FAVE chinese pastry inside! (It was so good!) #fb

A dim sum fave, Spare Ribs in Black Bean Sauce (also got SHORT ribs too) #fb

Time to FINALLY eat.. Umm.. There's whole lotta stuff. Gonna eat now (& enjoy!) #fb