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Shucks RKE ALL the way in Torrance!! Thx 4 having us cater 4 ya (& aint she cute!!) #fb

52 cans Coconut Milk 4 r dish we're srving FREE in SaMo this Fri! #fb

Who needs "a pair" when you gotz a pair of deez!! #fb

With this cruddy weather, ya know it's.. PHO time y'all @ Pho Filet. (can't wait til we do our own "Pho Night", oh YEEAH! ^_^) #fb

Alright, I lied.. Since this is 1 of r patron's FAVE dishes, I had 2 post it: Kimchi STEAK! #fb

#EMB The Good:I'm not gonna be late, YEAH! The Bad:my breath might STANK of Durian! ;p #fb

Hey, it looks like my Durian Flan Cheesecake for #EatMyBlog is smiling! LOL #fb

In his spare time, 1 of our line cooks (Alejo) made a Chuck E. Cheese-like Burrito! LOL #fb

I know we still have 2 hrs b4 Din-Dins ends, but.. Bon Voyage "Crack" Krab!! *sniff sniff* #fb

Awww thx 4 inviting SK to #APAToyDrive & thx 4 serving it ^_^ #fb

Forgot 2 order dessert last time, but not this time: Churros # Cake!! *drool* #fb

1 of the prep stations broke (Oh NO!), but I'm handy.. So crisis AVERTED! YAY!! #fb

More dim sum, this time at New Capital Seafood.. And we got some TRIPE this time #fb

SK #EatMyBlog Dessert R&D Round 2: Salted Coconut Caramel Durian Flan Cheesecake! #fb

Santouka!! With so many ramen pics, here's the Pork & Leek Rice Bowls instead ^^ #fb

Food-unrelated.. How did I not know there's a Book-Off in SoCal (Now off 4 some ramen!) #fb

Standard Chinese buffet (*bleh*), but a GREAT hidden find in the back room @ DNA! #fb

And our FREE dessert "Che Ba Mau" literal translation = 3 color dessert ^^ #fb

For those that are into offals.. This pork kidney is pretty damn good here! #fb

.. And also $4.50 Hainan Chix Rice! Holy crap that's CHEAP (& pretty good too!!) #fb