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Formerly Underground+Illegal Restaurant/Kitchen.. gone legit?!?!? ^_^

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2 year old birthday party spread w/.. Kraft Mac+Cheese.. SWEET! #fb

Best part about prepping catering for a Filipino family... Lotsa Filipino TREATS!! #fb

Filipino Prima Sugar Toast snack-time.. While we "test-fry" 4 the 200+ Chix Wings! #fb

Back to "work"-Late night Crispy Tofu Balls fry test 4 off-site catering tomorrah! :p #fb

The Ciao BALLa for my MOUTH (and I'm gonna ENJOY this!) #fb

#1-this Cloudy Lemonade is GOOD. #2-server thought Ben "Sherman" made this LOL #fb

All tomfoolery aside.. Din-Dins is ON w/ the last chance for our balls in your -----! ^^ #fb

Yeaah.. Frickin' sweet! Had Charlyne Yi & friends come in today. LOVE HER! #fb

Guess "Some1" took the sign down, but I put it back up (hey, its the last day 4 BALLS!) #fb

OMG.. The Mutha Fuckin' McNuggetini Girls (aka ) like us! Yay #fb

I think our marketing is working. SCORE 1 for TEAM SK! LOL #fb

THX USC Exchange Students (& long-time fan, Alex) for having us cater.. w00t w00t #fb

LOL! This is HILARIOUS! They substituted our pix on their security badges! SWEET #fb

OMFG, so glad the SK Chix KARA-GE is back on tonite/tmrw nite.. F' YEAH! #fb

Niice! This Nutella Louks (w/ banana) from pretty AWESOME!! #fb

Re-stir-fried (& re-flavored) Crab Fried Rice & 2 different Tom yum instant noodles incl. my fave that is a Viet brand made w/ "japanese technology" ^^ #fb

Alrighty, these Portobello Mushroom Fries are pretty tasty! I gotta go #fb

Hot Cocoa & Cocktails (@ Bottega Louie) ..& these lil cookies are GOOD! #fb

LOL This is what would happen at in the bizarro universe #fb

And the Black Cherry obsession continues.. In Vegas!! #fb