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future permanent vacationer and loveable ass. #govandals

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My son is going as a "tool cool for Halloween 7th grader"

have a beer Elaine

Keep calm and chive on. #kcco

RT : "We're a small town but we have transvestites I'm sure" - Micah on Ellensburg.

He's holding that pillow like a kid he lured with candy.

Holy crap on a cracker I might wilt.

1) this guy turned into my neighborhood obvi lost and 2) he REALLY wants you to know what he drives

Dude. Hurley is at the Olive Garden!

it's hula dancing

A Yankee fan left a sorority beer at a bar in Maui.

Ornithophobia is a real phobia! Tens of people every year die from birds!

What's this about the mariners? Whatevs.

Maui wowie

Yo , do you have editors that check grammar at all?

Why do I follow worldoflabs on Instagram? Why?

I'm getting serious action tonight.

Y'all selfies are actually really fun and cool!!!

Bottle of red, bottle of white, whatever mood you're in tonight.