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im angela i love starbucks and jon knight!

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here babe!

just watched ur video!! If I can recommend a liquid liner, try this, u will love it in "on the hunt"

You apparently ;) RT like who would kiss that mouth. It's a truckers mouth no?

That was amy! I'm still the same, just took this now if u dont believe me :(

Amy ur boobs may have deflated but u look good now! Look at u in this pic #hot

I need to switch it up, just feel like spinning isn't doing it for me anymore

just ran to the bathroom to take this of me now :( #sameboat

Gosh! Looks prettier in person! Today I did the "rockstar" look out of that book, forgot to show you!

I don't just have a trucker mouth for nothing ;) there's good to it too!

Dear while you were sleeping, the neighbor played this... Love, and they are singing to eachother???

#fmsphotoaday day 8 "something I do everyday"

today's horoscope! This ones cute! K bye, have a good day!

I just ordered a snack cuz its late!

and one like this


Landing in 3...2...1...

it's not a song I can dance to, just a good beat! My dance song tonight is

you in?

PHOTO BOOTH!!! Oh, and the DJ on Saturday night ;-)