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We have a coffee roaster that we use for monthly events. When the beans pop, the hold the mic up so we can all hear.

The Sun-dried Ethopian Sidamo through the Clover is becoming a nice afternoon habit. Yum!

I'm upstairs at the Shareholders meeting in McCaw Hall. People are waiting outside to get in.

Just found the Clover in the building. I'm drinking an incredible coffee from Kenya. The name kind of fits the day ...

I worked on the bar at u-village ... Geesh, it's been while. I was a little rusty.

Sampling Starbucks #VIA at u-village ...

Here's the Starbucks online team at the big table.

... and here's me with my cup of Ethiopian Sundried Yirgacheffe from the Clover. ... Lots of blueberry notes.

We're at the new 1st and pike store next to the market. It's a beautiful store. Lots of reused materials... Just ordered a cup of clover.

Went to lunch w/ my friends Jamie and Alistair from the web team. We loaded up on #VIA down the street.

If you're in Chicago, keep an eye out for a VIA-cle handing out free samples of #VIA

This morning I went to the 'food lab' to try the delicious new breakfast sandwiches. Available next Tuesday.