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Disturbingly obsessed with reality tv and pandas.

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My cat Panda is glowering at Gwyneth Paltrow.

Near-religious experience!!!!

I got my pal a present because I don't know how HE does it.

Hurt my back and can't figure out how to get out of bed. The cat is elated.

On my grandmother's coffee table. It is both a noun and also a command.

Gulf coast sunset.

Howdy! I drive a pickup truck in Florida so I put wolves on my rear windshield!

Grocery shopping in a giant grocery store with a car! Who wants to chew on some Spotted Dick?

Nicked my finger so I band-aided it and put a rubber glove over it; that's what they do on Top Chef.

This is loving Blimplife.

Bliiiiiiiiimp! Bliiiiiiiiiimp!

Just hanging out with our best friend, Blimp. Cc

, blimp captain!

Oh, , you are so beautiful.

Our first view of - Blimp, you are so majestic.

Panda and Panda.

Man! I'm sort of dismayed I only have a profane duvet.

Rock rock rock away beach.

Celebratory work dinner, with a special "Bex wine" from my birth year!!!

We are so tired in our house.

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