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I do mathematics and stand-up. Sometimes simultaneously.

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Close enough, is dodecahedral enough.

Ah, I see what they've done here.

London MathsJam is in full swing! Join us downstairs at the Penderel's Oak.

Ok, this is now all getting very real.

I hurt my ARM.

I'm filming for Discovery today in a green-screen studio. So it's time for the Photoshop a Thing Behind Matt game!

What? This this old thing I just threw on… #retro #fashion

At last! #2048 can kiss my #threes.

I'm walking through Mayfair. Even their Mersenne primes are paved in gold:

I'm going to a film screening tonight (Secret Cinema: Back to the Future) with no phones allowed. So I'm rockin' this

And here's me with my oblongs lying around in a pile. At last, I can file them in a box!

Just paying for a bar tab…

Me: "I'm bringing home a present. I think you'll find it very attractive."

: "A magnet! Yay!"

Me: "Nuts…"

I was told there would be a parade? #2048

I'm dangerously close to being a real company! (New home for me, and )

Well, this just got real.

I did it! Not well lit, but out right windows (outside of bend) you can see City Hall platform, unused since 1940s.

I've dropped by the World Science Festival in NYC. is at stand with his Rubik's Cube:

Very excited to be at in New York to join their Advisory Council. Currently touring their new art exhibition

I'm stationed at the Institute for Theoretical Physics this week. They have blackboards everywhere!