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I do mathematics and stand-up. Sometimes simultaneously.

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Conclusive evidence that is the most dedicated test builder:

  • about 19 hours ago via Echofon
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This graffiti is wrong.

Waiting for a taxi in Birmingham, discussing why this shop wants to change pi…

Here is a wide (and less-arty) shot of the fractal build:

I just got to hold Curly the hungarian curly haired tarantula spider, thanks to . She's adorable.

Even as we speak…

Spaaaace Jellyfiiiish! From halfway down this page, via

Close enough, is dodecahedral enough.

Ah, I see what they've done here.

London MathsJam is in full swing! Join us downstairs at the Penderel's Oak.

Ok, this is now all getting very real.

I hurt my ARM.

I'm filming for Discovery today in a green-screen studio. So it's time for the Photoshop a Thing Behind Matt game!

What? This this old thing I just threw on… #retro #fashion

At last! #2048 can kiss my #threes.

I'm walking through Mayfair. Even their Mersenne primes are paved in gold:

I'm going to a film screening tonight (Secret Cinema: Back to the Future) with no phones allowed. So I'm rockin' this

And here's me with my oblongs lying around in a pile. At last, I can file them in a box!

Just paying for a bar tab…

Me: "I'm bringing home a present. I think you'll find it very attractive."

: "A magnet! Yay!"

Me: "Nuts…"