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I do mathematics and stand-up. Sometimes simultaneously.

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Gee, I'm not sure if our poster on the Southbank is big enough… (First show tomorrow night! )

Ah, nuts. There are other people on my flight! Though maybe they only sold one ticket. Here's the view from seat 01A:

Wow, I don't think I've ever sat in seat "01A" before. Does it mean I'm flying the plane?

Walked past an amazing (I assume catenary?) maths sculpture in Turku, Finland last night. Now to build my own…

I do like Helsinki. They have public displays of tetrahedron.

I'm not normally one to trail things, but a very exciting video project of mine will be going live tomorrow…

I'm at with and we got to meet quite the celebrity backstage…

Sorry everyone, was distracted by taking out for dinner. Here's where the puzzle's at; will finish tomorrow

About to assemble the maths puzzle gave me. I'm jet-lagged, hungry and having a beer. This can't go wrong…

This. This is what happens when you sit next to at a dinner.

10-sided-isosceles-decaflexagon, anyone? Made by, and shown to me at dinner by, .

Thanks to everyone who entered Sketch A Menger Cross-Section Competition™, here is 's actual model. #G4G11

Recap: Competition is to sketch the cross-section when this 3D-printed Menger Sponge comes apart. #G4G11

Competition! Menger sponge 3D printed by , prize to someone who can sketch diagonal cross-section… #G4G11

Hyperbolic doily, anyone? #G4G11

I mean, there were a few fun diagrams.

For a book about ratios, this was a surprisingly dull read…

Look out! Rogue triangles!

Look out! Rouge triangles!

Five-point and eight-point snowflakes‽ Oh #snowfake