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Sometimes funny but mostly weird. Astronaut Ice Cream Enthusiast. I write stuff. In January you should watch THE FINDER it's this show I work on.

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Some crazy ass weather upon landing in Phoenix: dust storms, rain... This place is WILD!

You guys! I am wearing NEON PINK shorts today that happen to match my nail polish. Non-corporate jobs are THE BEST!

Happy Birthday to my first kiss, boyfriend of 5th & 8th grade, best gay for life, .

You guys got me fireworks???

Guess who's getting a boyfriend!!!!

Happy Fathers Day, to my dad and all the other dads who also text like 14-year-old girls.

You guys! I found my spirit animal in San Francisco!

One of these things is not like the other...

I found my "glittery shoes with a Canadian Tuxedo" doppelgänger at the airport. Seriously who is this chick?

I found a time machine!

I can't explain myself but I just used the wrong end of a knife during the entire bagel-eating experience.

No big deal guys but I'm on set and it's REALLY high budget:

Love the Emmy Screener FYC packaging for #Community:

Oh shit you guys, CHOCOLATE DIPPED COCONUT Luna bars are next level:

Pride & joy of my Lisa Frank collection - watch bands! (a gift from ). I love the hearts the best.

Nothing says college quite like a couple 30 racks of Natty Lite.

In case you guys were concerned, I haven't cried yet but I have taken copious pictures of farmhouses. #Middlebury