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i like my music real loud, real loud, can you turn that shit up for me right now, right now

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My foot has a bruise and I have no clue how I got it #bruise #bones #weird

A customer bought everyone at my work a box of thorntons chocolates #cute

lovely drawing of ma pal #spots

Gran made this for my dads birthday #cutie #amazing

Looks like bobby had a nap with me, comfy there pal? #cutie

theres your boy emma

This has made my night, shes honesty one of my bestest friends and idk what I would do without her #iloveyou #gay #cute

I want my room done up again, even though my hollywood wallpaper is quite cool #fussy

AYE MAN. My fingers orange and disformed and looks like a finger only ET could love

SAME (screaming into pillow)

This text has made my night #iloveyou

Weve all changed soo much

My boyfriends fighting over me #cute

dom wants u

My hairs getting so long now #wooooo

How cute are my shoes though #cute

heres a cheeky pic #cheek

Im bored #eyebrows #squint #fatface #roaster

shut up ya roaster

What does this actually say!?!?! seriously, been sitting for 10 minutes trying to figure it out

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