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The Man. The Myth. The Animal. ()

RT : bday shoes could be a weapon. #cray please twitpic them asapity. #25 <-These things?!

Me: Why do you keep cards in your purse? : Because I'm from Baltimore *straight face*

RT : Shout BBM pic, hilarious <-You mean this?!

Sh*t got real, real quick. #michigan

RT : Did you get your copy of #TanningOfAmerica yet?? Send me a pic of you with yours <-

Champagne. Jas.

Happy Birthday to MY starberry !! Xoxo #shant #dirty30 #Smirnoff

It's officially my PWT's birthday!! I LOVE my snowflake SO much!! Xoxo #D4L

Sloppy Hole.

At The Cage. Feeling like I'm in Jay's Song Cry video. Happy Birthday Twizzle !! Xoxo

BAWSE! goes in FRONT of the camera! WERK!!!!!!!!

I LOVE my D's! #D4L ( & )

Happy Happy Happy Birthday !!!! I love you!! *grabs throat x one million times* #dirtybit

Looks like a #HennessyBlack night with ! Where is ?!

Ms Parker. Ms Parker. DAMN. Ms Parker.

Happy National Bobby Brown Day! Celebrate Irresponsibly Kids!



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