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Re: My earlier inquiry about helicopters: Demonstration near Hyatt Regency

I have an inexplicable urge to play the iPhone handbells. #seamonkey

Look what's under my gate. We just had others a few months ago. No more! #notwelcome #phonebook

This forecast makes me so sad. Hmmm. Rainboots?

Lots of people REALLY want to see some flowers at the de Young. ~650 so far.

Anyone know what this flag is? Looks homemade. #colorful

Pic taken at what Daylight Saving Time calls 8:30. If I relied only on iPhone, I'd be late. Huh.

Sorta feels like the Mark of the Beast. #toocloseforcomfort

Marina kitty is hanging out nearby while we enjoy the #oscars

My violette cocktail. I've taken about 10 pics & can't get the color right. It's purple! So pretty. Yummy too.

These are my balloons. Do you think they'll fit in the cab?

This ain't bad for second-hand last minute. #Prince #abouttogetdown

Nope. Not done yet. Prince HAD left the building but he's back. RAWK!

Santana. #prince

Wut?! #Prince

We're ready. #Prince

I call BS This box scheduled pick up @ 5:15. Several & trucks w/in 1block @ 5.

Vanilla malt, two straws, & Sixteen Candles on the jukebox. Happy Valentine's Day.

Interesting Comments in Twitter stream re: Muse performance. #Grammys #stillnotonhereyet

Worse on #Muni? Clipping nails, or this guy (who caught me taking pic)using electric razor?