Okay that's it! Screw you guys, I'm going home!

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kepada rakan2 ku yang sedang dalam perjalanan ke tempat kerja..

fair enough, there better not be anymore calls in the future.

who is this number that calls me every mth or two and hangs up siak? call back wont answer. bloody hell!

maroon 5 performing soon! sure open w Moves like Jagger!

janet cake mcm ni ah

so bloody slow. sure anot less than 1 min?

haiyah boy, lu punya mader takde ajar itu nasihat ah, jangan main dengan api?

someone wants to lie on my lap at every opportunity. lemak eh budak ni.

DH only wanted carrots from the chicken macaroni soup i made for him. but after awhile he ate e pasta as well.

bleddy hell. dining area wall paint is peeling off! wet patches appearing. arghhhh €£#%^£*¥?!

urs come to this part tak? it's normal tau lepas tag dlm gambar, it will appear like this now..

good mood!

ni eh?

with regards to Chewy Junior why is still shown in your Halal listings app if it's not?

yay chewy junior is still halal!

u know u're a mum when u spend more time using kiddy apps on ur iPhone and u're willing to pay for em too.

my fave mascara for now!

helping to clean up.

muahaha living rm almost finished in 45 mins. http://twitpic.com/akeu6v

muahaha living rm almost finished in 45 mins.