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There's a lot of woofing, the sound of big pads on tarmac and this bad boy arrives, me still sitting on car bumper

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The perils of lunchtime country walks. Me feeding the Alf boy cheese and salami on the Tullyrusk Rd near Dundrod

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And finally Cyril... Yes, the only shrine is still there. This UDA/UFF memorial is yards from the entrance. Ssssh!

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This sign just went up at lunchtime. 'MazeLong Kesh: from peace to prosperity'. So it's Balmoral Park now, is it?

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Ulster thrift: All around the perimeter homes and businesses have scavenged that grimly familiar Long Kesh fencing

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Don't ask me to explain this one. Securely behind the security fence sits a child's toys, including Buzz Lightyear

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The most unusual letterbox I think I've ever seen. No doubt it's for the, ah, junk mail

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This local garage gives you a free apostrophe with every caravan bought

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There's a real dumping issue around the perimeter (no watchtowers?). These are bundles of Belfast Telegraphs

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Now they've decided what to do with Maze/Long Kesh site, what do they do with the large sterile zone around it?

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This brand new road off the Bog Road is doubtless access for the Balmoral show which is less than a month away

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The main entrance is very different from the way it was. Security is no longer what you would call oppressive

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How much Cenotaph really means to loyalists: 12th a.m. crowd ignored solemn event 20yds away. Perhaps 15 watched

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Here are last night's tweets from Fianna Fáil PRO Stephen Kearon. His party has already pushed him under a train

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Beautiful Dundrum Castle view yesterday. Nobody there or in town. Union jacks, main street dereliction don't help

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Friday pic: Antrim camogs, who scooped All-Ireland O'Duffy Cup, 1979. Capt Mairead McAtamney with trophy. Names?

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Just round the corner from the dig-out operation near Lindsay Hairpin. Hope it clears up for the Ulster Grand Prix

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Walked past Fire and Rescue Service digging it out yesterday afternoon. Thought they were training

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Pied wagtail whizzes by in canteen (above left of exit sign). Head printer Kevin and I got him got him back out

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Right or left? That's the kind of decision for a day like that – not tea or coffee

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