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And this was the "before" c/

Just in case I don't make it wed, this is the "after" shot from my haircut :)

Went snowshoeing at Mont Cascades during the Dude's ski lesson. Their trails are fantastic. Pure heaven.

I believe a w00t is in order. Gorgeous! #winterWonderland #Ottawa

Carnage: the aftermath of the first session of play with the vintage #starWars toys.

A vintage toy set to make any #StarWars nerd cry out with joy... set up and ready for the Dude. #xmas

Grandparents asked us to do the shopping for the Dude so Start Wars and science abound. R2D2 is a lunch bag :)

There's something about the sight of a Christmas tree, all lit up, first thing in morning.

I don't usually tweet my lunch but the colors just struck me as so freaking festive.

Pecan shortbread. Smells like heaven. #nomnomnom

The Dude built me a Lego version of my work cubicle: me, coffee thermos, cabinets, PC w/ At-At desktop

Ninjabread cookies "Hiiiiii-ya!" #baking #xmas

Today us a day for Wingtipped Doc Martens. #faves #shoes

My desktop background makes me ridiculously happy.

Homemade vanilla bean marshmallows off to rest in the fridge. Cutting (and sampling) is tomorrow. #nomnomnom

Sugar mixture... Homemade marshmallows are starting to take shape...

Homemade vanilla bean marshmallows are getting started...

Got a Star Wars Lego At-St at my new desk. Officially settled ;)

In line to meet Mrs Claus at the Mayor's Christmas party. #kids #fb

Fantastic turnout for the afternoon session at #learnHackYOW