Stephen P Rivas Jr


Recent graduate, up-and-coming Javascript/node.js developer, and founder @zeunic - among other ornery things.

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Dang, I lost my streak. I was really trying to channel my inner . Short break then back #cantstop #wontstop

And the streak lives on! Now to see if I can make them really start to count for productivity / value / skill...

Current status: Trying to be more like , #cantstop #wontstop #gottapowerthrough

Current status: well shit.

I seem to have managed to get on to a branch that does not exist. Thoughts on merging this one back in to master?

How on earth am I ever gonna pass this recommended gig? Uh…yea…Elance blows my mind some times.

Ugh. That just happened...

it seems to have both an "H" and an "h" depending on...ok who's making the rules over at ??

I am a professional web individual at all times. Heh.

"Ah fuck now I have to get more hate mail when I explain Pluto all over again." -

WANTED: Website built better than Amazon and all its features. Paying: $1,000 fixed price.

I lol'd so hard.

Has it really been that long? I remember bringing #nodejs 0.2.something over a month or so before even...

Looks great! Should have it fade softly to white at the bottom so it doesn't "clip" so hard on big screens

maybe a graph would help explain the question? ;)

Frustrations while debugging inadvertently lead to "Checkmate, Christians."

Grilling with and while I work on and watching Aria be a monkey. #ahhflorida #fb

I spend my days creating, designing, solving. Yet I will never top the beauty I created almost 8 years ago. #fb

and I might have just made the worst decision of our lives.

is this what you meant?

Ah're so awesome. #living #fb

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