Out of the fucking way! Iban dude coming through!

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Scampi diabolique - prawns in lobster sauce. Noms!

Good 'ol Duvel. In ghent, where it's 32 degrees in the evening.

Well mr .22, you would do.

Wasn't a great day at the shooting range, now that I can't shoot 9mm pending a gun license.

Looks like I gotta get a gun license.

Please don't drop the compressor!

This is how your carpenter makes money.

Wireless Hacking LiveCD FBI Edition, srsly.

Spotted on #hackerspacekl's whiteboard.

Hackerspacekl has airconds! Now we can codes Arduino and soldier in coolness airs! Thanks for the helps.

Texas BBQ burger at Meatworks in Solaris. Maximum noms!

Barang-barang mainan hackers #hackerspacekl

Hackers kepenatan #hackerspacekl

Itu dia Holy Mary mother of jisus!

Ctf overloads!

And the girls are on stage!

Baked crabs, or what's left of it, in Seremban.

The aftermath!

Glorious crabs in Seremban!

Roasted Peking duck skin in blankets FTW!!!