shit, if i'd known it was this sort of party i'd have stuck my dick in the mashed potato

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still remember this as being the coolest gadget ever.

haha scratch that, just looked at the source code.
fuck you with the nofollow…sigh…..

cover those bases.

got den bases covered:

haha i totally suck at this online selling malarky, who can tell when i got the analytics working properly

man i bet that was a nasty thing to drive, what a beauty though..

Find international couriers awesome, brought from India Monday, already here.
buying things in town can take longer.

Found my old Blackberry Flip & tried using it for 1/2 day.
Still nice but not my beloved Z10 for sure

fair enough, i would counter your Emily with my Bjork thus:

reassuring to know its not just me with a princess zelda thing:
shall still wait for the real one though

babys first shit brown….yummy

tablet like everything, sheesh thats a monster… my fist phone wasn't that big.

you've made me feel all Wolfie:

haha with images blocked its a horror show, without its not great marketing TBH

haha it my Mac, fucking hate macs: Just logged in on web :-|

any more thoughts on buying a mac…lol

the software upgrade is free, just ain't bothered to do it
all the original boxes, books, CDs etc

look what Bert has to go through... shudder:

get back amazon:

thanks for the insight google:

haha i joined the whirly club. May print it out and turn it into badge for next time im on the misses.