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I am actually back in that brewery. This is the panel I am supposed to be working on

This is what was going on outside my house this morning.

Got a new 72 pin connector in the NES and disabled the lockout chip... now to clean every game...

N64 cleanup and hookup a success. And it looks beautiful

Spent the last half hour unpacking everything, but after nearly a decade, all my vintage gaming systems are unpacked

Ikea shelving units assembled and setup

just hooked me up with this mint condition 1984 Panasonic RX-4930 boombox.. I know what I am doing tonight

Watching one of my favorite episodes of Talespin on Beta

...greyscale and other adjustments, the 1980 Sears console television lives on!

Eewww... my french onion dip grew fuzzy mold on the lid... I almost dipped my pretzels in it. date on jar says Jan 2013

Bad solder joints on the power relay was the culprit:

Sweet this made my weekend: got my 1980 Sears console tv working again!!

Gave burr and ottah a nice brushing...

And here is the octopus of conduit and wiring

I bought furniture markers mentioned, and now the TV is mint again.. just wow

29mpg now

Dogs, cats, squirrels, and frogs out front now heheh

Oh crap... heheh

Went to take a drink of my orange juice when a gnat decided to go for a swim in it

And the front end, which is almost the same as my NYer but they draw the quad head lights as one per side.

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