Tattooed chihuahua

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Apparently I live in a low income census tract #tellmesomthingIdidntknow

I can't help myself from looking at shared drives and iTunes on a hotel network. This lady needs to let go of the 80s

Canal subway stop hasn't changed much in 70 years

Ended evening riding a service elevator with a billionaire to the roof of his building. #unexpected

cowsay really does make twitter better

ttytter -runcommand="/r" | while read a; do cowsay -W 160 $a; done #easilyamused

Nina and the team doing their part for Fiesta 2012 by providing photo ops

with Henry Cisneros!

Bullriding #charreada

Roping #charreada

Y mas #charreada

Another weekend, another #charreada #satx #210countdowncity

Circa 2006 MBP with busted screen pressed into service, b/c still has a viable dev environment

New routines #escaramuza

Getting real #escaramuza


Multilayer space topology #ARSM

Indoor GML multilayer space model

AR functionality available via Khronos standards. #ARSM