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Suns vs. Grizzlies with Cori...

Time for some #cloudsofinspiration

Classic Recipe for Destruction!!!! #rappersbetterwatchout

Phallic vs. at Big Fish Pub

Phallic and on stage at Gallery Blu at Big Fish Pub

Cleaning the Studio today, this sucks!!!

Did anyone else see this black girls vagina on SYTYCD?!?! Why did they air this?? #editingfail

Ever drive one of these??

killing the verse!!!

The Hooligans on stage!!! Killling shit!!!

On stage with everyone for the first round of the beat battle...

This guy was just playing the bass, drums and singing at the same time!!! Skills!!!

Beat done, writing done, about to record and post this before I go to my show... #makinganewsongtoday

Beat is done!! One verse and the hook is done!! Going to dinner, more writing and recording after... #makinganewsongtoday

Now I got the beat ready to write to. About 8 bars into writing. This will be a late recording session. #makinganewsongtoday

So far the beat is coming together, a little uptempo for me but it will work... I have the sequence in my head... #makinganewsongtoday

Okay so I got the sample picked out, now I'm just chopping it up... #makinganewsongtoday

Samples chopped, Axiom plugged in, about to do what I do best...

Writing verses at sunrise, past the point of sleeping, might as well just start a new day!!!

no mead, only DSC... Writing raps at sunrise!!