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The last known photograph of Ben Tucker.

Last night we ate locally caught calamari with home grown salad. This calamari was named 'Patrick'..

Last night we ate locally caught calamari and home grown salad and it was very authentic.. This calamari was named 'Patrick'..

Fook..! Who's Gonna Dust The Do..?

Afrojack cheesing Paradise Club just after sunrise.. That was about five hours ago. Now for the daily Scooter Breakfast Deathrace 3000..!

The Temple of Olympian Zeus. This is where the ancient Greeks invented breakdancing.

At Bangkok airport, wishing my hangover had a bit more left in the tank.. The airport's brutalist architecture appeals.. Now for rice..!

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Mad Max predicted a violent future on Victorian roads. In 2010, even the smileys at car parks are mean..

The Interceptor

The Interceptor

Nihon-no asa gohan wa oishi-desu!

I brought a friend

There's nothing to be afriad of..

Is Xylish Hyper Cool gum, with it's black box, large black caffine loaded pellets & inbuilt papers for disposal, the world's best? Yup!


I like this

Look at what the local possum gangbangers did to my succulents.. Dance Mania is on watch now.. #fuckthepossums

If it's worth doing, it's worth over doing. I am nearly at revolver..

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